• Data Science

    Datalore Cube is a self-service clinical-molecular data
    platform that enables biopharma companies to identify
    and analyze cohorts of interest for drug development.

Partner with biopharma to accelerate data-driven
therapy development with real-world evidence

  • Discover novel biomarkers: Leverage real-world multimodal data and bioinformatics expertise to identify new biomarkers including FGFR/KRAS/MET/TMB, ongoing tumor monitoring, and new diagnostic procedures.
  • Collaborate with international pharmaceutical companies to discover new treatment targets, diagnostic procedures, and to commercialize these technologies.

Most comprehensive
genome analysis of Asian

Asian pan-cancer clinical
and genomic database

Landscape of somatic alterations in large-scale solid tumors
from an Asian population

You can obtain from
OrigiMed Chinese
Real-World Data
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
  • Prevalence of specific patient populations in China

    Utilizing RWD to uncover the proportion and total count of patients with genetic variations, biomarkers, and specific clinical characteristics in China.

  • Comparative analysis of subgroups

    Revealing the clinical and molecular characteristics, treatment profiles, and outcomes (such as rwTTNT, rwOS , etc.) across different subgroups.

  • Exploration of novel biomarkers

    For example investigating the associations and exclusivity between new targets
    and known molecular biomarkers, as well as clinical and immune
    microenvironment characteristics, to inform the design of future clinical trials.

  • Hypothesis generation and validation

    Identification of key factors influencing patient prognosis or response, indicating novel therapeutic options for specific patients.

  • Real-world evidence

    The utilization of high-quality structured real-world data enables direct translation into robust real-world evidence, thereby supporting single-arm clinical trials and the exploration of new.

Geographical coverage
  • 700+

    hospitals/cancer centers

  • 3,000+


Tumor type coverage
  • 50+

    tumor types

  • 600+

    tumor subtypes

  • Omics data
    ~3/4 large panel tests
    (400-700 genes)
    ~3/4 tumor tissue samp
    Full coding region coverage
  • Clinical data
    CDISC/CDASH standards
    Extended, structured clinical information with 200+ fields
    treatment and outcome data
  • Pathological data
    pathological diagnosis
    HE imaging data
    IHC and FISH data
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